Faction Darkcircle
Race Dwarf
Profession Soldier, farmer
Vampire No
Married No


Age 15
Gender Male

My Story

First accepted into the farmlands, zErO made a meager living out of selling crops and the selling of property, with this money he created a faction:Darkcirlce.

Darkcircle was a faction on an island in the far north east of ceardia, he made many trusted friends here as he gathered together a faction of bloodthirsty vampires.

He then started to raid people, mostly the newer factions, demanding silver to leave.

Then, he joined the Aldebarian empire, along with a few other nations (mortalith, virtus and florence) Then they forged togther to create the Aldebarian faction. Around this time, he and a few friends of his started to boost their axe skills up illegitimately, but they were yet to be found out.

Then, zero stole 200 silver from Aldebarias faction bank and fled to the ice fields of the south.

Soon later, his treachery was found out and he was besieged by Serenum and Aldebaria, along with a few other factions with grudges agaisnt him. Out of nowhere Koertge came and killed alot of the raiders repeatedly for reasons unknown to me.

His axe cheating was found and out and reset to 0, and zero left and didnt return for 9 months beacuse of this.

Now he leads a small, peaceful faction in the mountians of Ellador.


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