Less coat of arms of jerusalem by deathpwnie-d4n6yfz

The addopted seal of Hirazria

Xoar Highrock

Faction The Hirazrian Empire
Race Dwarf
Profession Town Priest
Vampire No
Married No




Hirazria, Deandroc
Age 34
Gender Male 
2013-09-01 15.32.02

My Story

I was born in the small village of Hirazria in Deandroc. My father, Xaeke Highrock, was the towns Jarl. My mother, Jaeka Highrock, was the towns Head Priestess. I was brought up mostly by my mother as Xaeke was busy with politics. I was tought the ways of Nythiasism, which i follow today, and studied priesthood under the Church's priest Father Skrillon. After i finished my studies of priesthood my father fell sick. He began to teach me the ways of Diplomancy and Jarlhood. My father passed on a year after my teachings were over. The hold of Hirazria was passed on to me.

After years of me ruleing my hold, 1/3 of my citizens decided to sail to Ellador to find riches and to highten the power of our land. My mother Xaeke lead annother 1/2 of my citizens on a pilgramage to Cederia. The two partys are yet to return home. In there absence i have contstruced a great wall and have begun to gather citizens to join our town. The rest my friends, is yet to come.

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