X sam boi x


X Sam Boi X - Jarl Of Khongar

Faction Khongar
Race Elder Human
Profession Jarl Of Khongar
Vampire No

The 'Known' Story of Jarl Samuel IV of Khongar

Jarl Samuel II although he has only just been appointed jarl of Khongar has a family history like no other, his family history goes all the way back to the 'First Era' when the Vrykolakas haunted Aloria and the great Pristina brought a new meaning to the world. Although Jarl Samuel II hasn’t lived anywhere near a life as his ancestors his age is coming, Prophecies foretell that this man will start a new age and rise to become high king of all Khongar.

Jarl Samuel II was born in a small village known as Tribus, his parents were both honourable people and respected throughout Khongar as his father was the ex-commander of the Khongarian Army during their most successful times. Samuel grow up here and became an apprentice with the local merchant (Peter Nassar) they grew a great friendship and a few years on decided to emigrate away from Khu-Man the capitol of Khongar to Deandroc where he then made his biggest leap, it wasn’t long before Khongar and the Ceardian Empire began diplomacies and a perfect way to engage a friendship was to begin to settle there, with the son of the best known Khongarian commander travelling around Deandroc it was the perfect opportunity for Samuel to prove himself. He Accepted.

Jarl Samuel II of Khongar's Ancestors are some of the most famous men in all known history, recently however after the great rebellion of Thracia these books/logs were lost. Recovery teams have been sent out to locate the knowledge but have so far failed, Some of the most famous lost books are;

  • The Biography Of Emperor Samuel II Part 1
  • The Biography Of Emperor Samuel II Part 2
  • The Truth Behind The Thracian Revolt
  • The Three Empires
  • The Biography Of Monarch Samuel I Part 1
  • The Biography Of Monarch Samuel I Part 2
  • The Biography Of Monarch Samuel I Part 3
  • The Great Rhodock Crusade


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