XCDxDUBzZx - Face


Faction 9th legion
Race Human
Profession Signifier
Vampire yes


Age 15
Gender Male
XCDxDUBzZx - House

My Story

My story starts in a barn somewhere of the east coast of japan, i was born unnaturally from a special machine they called a 'women', after i was born i had to go through 7 years of intense martial arts training (AND I STILL CANT BREAK A GOD DAMN PIECE OF WOOD) I was training for a contest that would make me a millionare, the day of the fight was lethal, i fought vigorously but i could not win, those stupid punching bags were too strong, after my manager said i was too weak to continue the constest he kicked me onto the streets, that is where i met jamerson. Jamerson was a good fellow but he only had 1 finger and 7 eyes, people made fun of him, but i did not.............. OH who am i kidding OF COURSE i made fun of him LOL. anyway i found a dog and he fed me and stuff which is what led me here to minecraftia where i am a god among some other dudes, well atleast i like to think i am a god, infact come to think about it i am just another n00b, but my i will keep training and try to become a better pizza delivery man :)


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