The ancient religion of Wolvarianity combines Norse mythology with being a werewolf. We believe that as werewolves, we are under the gaze of the Eye of Odin. He allows us to fight accursed vampires and cures us of their disease with the Eye. Not only werewolves can be a part of this wonderful religion; Nords and other kinds of Vikings are welcome to fight alongside us for Odin's war against vampires. Sjovargen (the Seawolves) is home to the only temple of Odin devoted to Wolvarianity in the world. Pilgrimages can be made to the temple to rid the world of vampires. The Oberjarl of Sjovargen always serves as the Vargfältherre (Wolf General) of the Wolvarian army. The current Oberjarl and Vargfältherre is epix37. Any wishing to devote their armies to Wolvarianity may contact him. Remember, don't stop fighting the vampires. For Odin!

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