The Werewolves

The Werewolve were told about in myths as beings that are human during the day, and beast at night. Living mainly off lost livestock, the few werewoles that did exist, have now come out of hiding. As dangerous hunters of both man and beast at night, are virtualy harmless during the day. Sworn enemies of the Vampire, the Werewolves fight them to the death. If the foolish explorer were to, during the day, pick up a lost and injured traveler, he would find himself with an unpleasent surprise if he stayed in his company untill nightfall. Recently, Werewolves have been hunted by parties of soldiers to prevent anymore casualties and loss of livestock.

Adventages and Disadventages

Almost useless during the day: they can only heal hunger by killing mobs (same as vampire unger chart). At night, Hunger is increased x4 but speed is also increased x2, Defense up by x1.5, Jump x2 and Unarmed strength by x2. They have a low chance of causing a short bleed when attacking. At night, the tools/weapons effectiveness is decreased to %50. Lastly, they can howl.

They are easily killed during the day, like any other human. Golden weapons do 4x as much damage as they would do to them, day or night. Also, they do only %25 damage to players in full gold armor.:D Not immune to vampirism. While infected, cannot use any of the werewolf's night abilities, but are still weak to gold. (Note: I am intending this for a race, but if it seems more fitting, it could be like Vampirism. If so, the virus would basicly be spread the same way, and would also be damaged with holy water (maybe :3))

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