WAR Arenas 

General information

WAR Is a plugin on the server that was only implemented recently. It is an arena plugin with a difference, McMMO, races and vampire are disabled. The rounds are generally Capture The Flag (CTF), but Skytower V2 (more info below) is KOFT (King Of The Hill).

Game modes

Capture The Flag (CTF)

Capture the flag is the most popular game mode, with a very obvious objective. To gain points you have to enter the enemy teams base and steal their flag; bringing it back to your base or flag.

Team DM

Team Deathmatch is a very simple game mode; to gain points you kill the enemy team. The first team to lose all their lives loses.


In bomb a random player will be given the bomb, then they must run to the enemy's spawn and blow it up. Doing this will kill anyone in the area and gain you a point.

King of the Hill

WAR Arena - King of the Hill

Emerald monument in SkyTower V2 (KOTH)

King of the Hill is the only game mode with 4 teams. To gain points you kill the other teams. When a team runs </span>out of lives, the other teams get 1 point. First team to 5 points wins. You can also capture the emerald monument to get healing powers. To capture it place the wool block on your head into the monument.


The Siege

WAR Arena - The Siege

The camp base in The Siege (CTF)

The Siege is the first arena and is probably the most popular. The modes are: 

  1. Capture The Flag
  2. Team DM 
  3. Bomb

As normal there are two teams; red and blue; and each has a base (spawn point). One base is a castle and the other is a camp type base.  


WAR Arena - The Castles

Castles WAR Arena

Castles is the second arena and is not as popular as The Siege. The modes are:

  1. Capture The Flag
  2. Team DM

As you may have guessed by the name, Castles is made up of two bases, which are castles.

SkyTower V2

WAR Arena - Syktower v2

Skytower V.2

Skytower V.2 is the third and newest arena. It is an edited version of skytower (the normal PVP arena) and is the only WAR Arena with 4 teams.

The game modes are:

  1. King of the Hill
  2. Team DM

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