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Faction Okuz
Race Naga
Profession TemplarPriest
Vampire no
Married no
Religion Avajism


Age 25
Gender Male
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My Story

Tressk (willfit1234)  was born in a chaotic time in his village, the wariors got corrupted and started attacking the villagers and killing everyone. So Tressk was hidden and witnessed his parents brutal murder at the hands of a rogue villager when Tressk was only 10. When he was old enough he went and joined the faction Araluen. The leader took him under his wing and trained him in sword and bow combat all while waiting for an attack from anyone. After a time chaos broke out and Tressk first witnessed baver in an attack at the old Silverwind port and that was when he first learned he could feel a tugging in his heart when a dark presence was near. after that he was in battles with Araluen they made it through everything until the faction fell . Afterwards he left to the old ruins of his village when he met with the old mage who taught him a small bit of fire magic. When he decided to end the violence in his life he was saved by a Priest of avajism named LeafMC when he was 20 he went and learned very special skills from hunting to sneaking as well as teaching himself a for of fist fighting that mixes magic and physical attacks. Now he is a templar priest who doesn't kill unless his life is in danger. To this day Tressk still trusts his life in Leaf's hands.


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