Tips for Exploring Daendroc

Here you can add useful tips / advice for those who want travel the continent.

  • Take food and armor with you. The land of Daendroc is always dangerous.
  • Watch out for ancient ruins or temples, as they sometimes have chests with goods inside.
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  • Watch your step in the jungle. You could fall deep into a cave.
  • Watch out for cave spiders! They can randomly spawn on the surface of Daendroc, along with Zombie Pigmen.
  • Caves are unusually dense in some areas, falling quite far down straight into lava pools. Be very careful while traveling underground.
  • Do not attack Iron Golems, they aren't easily defeated.
    • Iron Golems can easily defeat an unarmoured player in one swing, so if tempted to fight one, don't attack it without armor.
  • Travel in a group to have more manpower, making you less of a target.
  • NOTE: If you see something that hasn't yet been mentioned on the wiki, take a picture of it and upload it!
  • Try to look for shelter in the jungles, such as one of the many ruined huts that can be found scattered in the dense forestry. Find one before monsters find you!
  • Also try seeking out shelter from factions, perhaps they could offer you warmth and food.
  • Factions that are walled, gated, and have a description like "We Are The best PVPers" are best avoided, only try seeking the help of allied or truced factions if they are like that. However, factions without walls are usually more friendly to travelers and could even have an inn or food shop.

    Try not to get lost like this fellow.