Thraylyn the Dwarf(IGN: Livalou) is one of the now almost extinct members of the Daendroc dwarf clan.

NOTICE: This RolePlay character is destroyed. He was killed in battle.

Race Half-Dwarf Half-Human
Faction Malkier


Married No, but he is looking for a partner.
Location Daendroc and Ithania
Age 179(Biological is actually WAY younger)
Religion Demonic Possession

Thraylyn's early life

Born in the year 1500 Daendroc Dwarf reconing, to the now late parents Human Ysmelta and Dwarf Freighkl. He had one younger brother, Grythl. Although Grythl was banished from the clan, Thraylyn still loves him like a brother. He stayed there untill the year 1578 DDR, when the Red Dragon Nieno attacked the Dwarven Kingdom.

Life after the attack

After Nieno attacked the clan, Thraylyn lived a nomadic life in Daendroc untill he was attacked by what he described as a "Green four-legged thing that walks slowly." He also said," I came close to it, and BOOM! It blew up! I almost lost me arm!" People later confirmed it was, what humans called, a creeper. He left Daendroc, and found himself in Regalia. He stayed with some old Dwarvish freinds that had visited some twent years before. Then, he left to join a faction. He actually joined and left several, untill he found himself back in Regalia. Then, an alcolyte of the infamous Lady Heretic, talked him into following him deep under the city to join her.

Days later, he realized the truth of what Heretic was doing. He left her order, and realized he wanted revenge on Nieno. Thraylyn posted a paper on the Notice Board, and got followers on his quest to revenge.

Meanwhile, he joined Avaritia, but left due to inactivity. He then join Dreadfort, then left due to robbery, and joined Malkier


He occasionally slips into the Dwarven language in his clans dialect, but only when he is stressed, irritated, or sad. He uses an axe and sometimes a bow. He has no heritage, money, or items.

The Demon

He later joined Malkier, and went exploring. Soon, he found a shrine like thing. He touched it, and blacked out. He awoke with a demon possessing him.

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