Me as I Monk, ready to slay some vampires.

Life Style

Born in Lukkerdam, growing up I was taught to belive, I was an orphan living with the Monks of the Holy Order of Polytheism. They taught me to read and write, they also taught me to search and destroy vampires and other undead. When I was just 14 I killed my first vampire.

On my own

One night while I was studing the ancient polythiest scrolls, there was a knock at the door. Naturally one of the monks opened it. To all of our suprise It was a vampire. As I fumbled for my stake more vampires broke through our windows. We were surrounded! As one of the vampires walked into the house he stepped on a trip wire, holy water splashed down on him and he went up in flames. By then the other monks had their stakes and were fighting for their lives. We fought hard but there were too many vampires. Eventually It was just me and my teacher, we had retreated upstairs but now we were cornered. My teacher locked us in the bed room, but it wouldn't hold for long. Just before they got in, he handed me an enderpearl, the holy symbol for 1 of our gods. I knew that I could teleport out of here, but did I want to? I didn't want to leave my teacher outnumbered ten to one. Before I could decide, the door broke open. I threw the enderpearl out the window and fell to the ground outside. As I ran I heard the screams of my teacher before the house when up in flames. I had to think, could I swim? No, vampires have the advantage in water. What do I have? I have a wooden stake, some bread and a vial of holy water. enought to kill maybe three if I was lucky. Could I hide? No the vampires would find me. I would have to run and fight untill dawn.

Now what?

I took the place of my teacher and became a monk, I moved to silveredge got a job and trianed recruits. Now I wait for the vamps to find me, and when they do, I'll be ready.

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