The Mainarian Sirens are a close relative of the Maiar, except much, much darker, having been created by the High Priest of the Maiar, Haeder. They live in the darkest depths of the oceans of every continent, but are most common in the Dark Waters of Hadar.


The Mainarians are a very warlike race, their main enemy being, ironically, the ones who created them, the Maiars. They use the water to their advantage, swimming a tiny bit faster than a Maiar, and they can sink ships easily, singing the most beautiful songs in the world, while slowly blinding their prey. On attack, if lucky, their venom glands will kick in and poison their opponent. (Note: This can only happen once every day,their venom is not very potent, and takes a while to recharge) They are at war, though they may sometimes cooperate with: The Agni, The Maiar and the Vespid.

First Discovery, by the Great Maiar Caliban.

Log Entry One.

                      I was sailing today through Ithania, and saw a dark, maiar like creature heading towards my boat. I called out to it, but it disappeared, back into the depths. It had dark hair with white streaks and black eyes.

Log Entry Two

                  I decided to swim today, and was overcome by a beautiful sensation. I saw a maiden in the the distance, combing her hair, while singing the old tunes of the Maiar. She didn't look maiar though. Could this be the mythical Sirens?

Log Entry Three

                        My crew went fishing today, and came upon a strange creature in the nets. On closer inspection, I found that this was the creature I found before. I looked in my books, and it fits the descriptions of a Siren perfectly. Due to the Siren's destructive nature, we have tied it up and gagged it. It hurts me to treat a relative so cruelly.

Log Entry Four

                      The chains are broken, and the gag is on the floor. I hear a soft song in my head and my vision is darkening. It's escaped, It's escaped, Oh god its esca-

Caliban was never found, nor was his vessel. His water resistant log floated to mainland Ithania, and is kept under lock and key in the ocean.

If this is used as an actual race.

The siren should have all the qualities of a maiar, but it should be able to be infected by a vampire, and if it uses a stick and types say, /sing it should be able to blind and give nausea to whatever its attacking. The attack should have a 14 block radius. It should swim one block faster than a maiar and have a 1/100 chance of delivering poison in a fist attack. It is able to be damaged in the same way as vampires by holy water, lose hunger faster in the nether and be damaged more than maiars in lava.

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