The Knights - Cave
Okay, some of you might want to join the knights(re-naming it to the heros). Its very simple to get in. Pay 10 silver, and complete the task. (trust me, its worth it) our /f home will be here> The task will be out next month, but i still have news for this. In a cave, is where our /f home, but we live up! And get ready for quests, adventures, and much much more! here are some classes we have to you. Mage: Do quest like brewing, and killing mobs and players with your potions. Knight: Train, prepair for battle, have armor from the black smith, and pretect others from the darkness (Vampires and others) Archer: Same as the knight, but you battle with a bow. Elf: heal others in battles, use a bow and a cobble knife. goblin: attack others, and go crazy! Manatar: Have a diamond sword and kill others, constantly. (not your own members) Now lets go to the rules : No griefing, (lots of areas will be restricted) No kussing, No in-aproprete things. Can not give out info about there real life. Now, in July 15 th, meet at the portal near spawn, where we will have a meeting on the lords, and the things we will do there. I have some people in mind for faction mods. Arrowstrike101, nmtotallyrocks, and robloxkid456. On july 17th we will start to build the town hall, the cabins, and other buildings. ( And the streets, well and toher things) there will be a market near the 25th of july. (Must be trusted to add a shop in the market) There will be jobs, that you can do forever or only 'till july is over. (you have to have a job for the entire of july) go to the town hall to see what you have to do and what must be done. We will add pretection to your huts and cabins. Please leave a note of what you wanna be, and what job you want to have. -Ninjakiwi !:!

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