Legionnaires share a simalar belief to the Roman Pantheon. They do differ however in that they praise the Elders (who came before our time such as Neptune?). Legionnaires perform certain rituals to praise the Elders. Such a ritual is the Skull Ritual.

The Skull Ritual sees a Legionnaire draw blood from himself/herself and spraying this offering over a Legionnaire's Shrine. These shrines to the Elders are usually built within a Legionnaire's home. They then proceed to chant the words: "Oh Elders who came before our time, please lend me your power, please give me knowledge, please give me your blessing"

Sacred Places 

Sacred place to the order is of Roma and Karthgroth, it is said Neptune himself built these sacred places. There are many Legionnaires within this realm, most of which are concentrated within the holy lands, the capital city of 9thLegion, Roma.

Though unconfirmed, there are rumours and whispers that one of the order's high priests is Oliver Flåmus (1oliverbear).

Legionnaires have been known to support vampires.

Praying Times                                                                                                                           

Praying: During the morning a legionnaire prays to Neptune, at miday they pray to Mara, and at night the men and women of the Holy Order of Legionnaires pray to Juno.

There are a few known locations that are sacred to the Order. Such places include the Roma Temple built by Neptune himself, and the old capitail of New Badru, Karthgro

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