A Helvetica Play

Teatro Helvetica, a rehersal

The Grandioso Teatro di Helvetica is a magnificent theatre constructed in the early years of the now City State. Simple in exterior appearance the two storey building is equally simple in its reception area. It does however boast a lavish stage and ample seating room for rich and poor a like.

State run, the theatre has to this day not yet found an official playwright or director to put on a play.

Theatre Structure

Centre Stage

Commoner's Seats

Merchant Boxes

Doge's Booths - Designed by the renowned Jonaethiel of Helvetica, the patron’s boxes offer the best theatre going experience. Available only to the wealthiest of theatre goers, the booths provide space for a large family and its servants, whilst providing full frontal views of the show, and excellent acoustics thanks to the perfectly styled roof space.
Marking the height of style and luxury, these boxes have evolved into status symbols, with boxes often remaining in the same family’s possession for several generations. Emblazoned with the family’s coat of arms and decorated in their personal colours, these boxes are a place to show off the wealth of a family to the general public.

However these booths have also taken on a more sinister role, as their privacy provides the excellent location for shady deals. Many a trade deal has been brokered in them, and careers have been made or destroyed in these boxes. Indeed, these boxes have become synonymous with power, decadence and good living.


0000 - Construction of the Grandioso Teatro di Helvetica

0000 - Given the absence of active playwrights in ellador the ample space of the theatre is used for political discussion between factions. Disputes and treaties are palavered over and signed in this notable hall given its two sided alignment and stage for narrators to present their cases 

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