The Daily Creeper

The daily creeper is a newspaper in the MassiveCraft roleplaying universe. It reports about new discovered worlds by Laura Redblock, Mrs. Baver operations, abandoned factions, events and other roleplay belongings.

The reporters

The daily creeper is rely on you as player. It has employees (the staff), but still imagine: your in-game character is always a news reporter.

How to help?

The reporters of the daily creeper could use some more people to write articles for publicity.


You are helping the community by supplying them with news and you will get a little expense allowance for your in-game character, if your article is good enough.


Remember, the reporters often say, that 80% of the transmitted articles are not informative or only player based. Therefore here a short list with some rules:

  • Grammar has to be proper
    • because the article will be published on the official website of MassiveCraft
  • The article needs a story
    • players are interested in information, which will affect all players
    • storys like "my faction is awesome, because we are the best ever" or "i am xLoLzx and yesterday i found a big cave under our base" are not attractive as article
    • a better example could be: ".. as Mrs. Baver walked over. I looked with wide opened eyes at Igel_Son and i noticed that his eyes were like mine. We decided to sneak at Mrs. Baver, because she always causes trouble. She didn't descry us, but as Igel sneezed, .."
  • Interesting headline
    • an article with a headline like "xXDudeXx has a new home" will promise nothing good
  • Media (optional)
    • a picture or two are good to bring connected memories (like an event) back into mind
    • visual elements will raise the imagination of the reader

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