Rainbow dash vector by starboltpony-d3du3qr


Rainbow Dash

Faction Unknown (Seen around Eternia)
Race Pegasus
Profession Unknown
Vampire No


Once lived in Clouds Dale, before Equestria (Aloria) vanished.
Age ?
Gender Female

Her Story

Rainbow Dash lost her parents at a young age, and lived on her own. Before the new world (Ceardia), she
lived in Equestria (Aloria). She was bullied by a few boys in her settlement, and got into a race for the "fastest, and most AWESOME flyer in all of Equestria". She then performed her first Sonic Rainboom, and earned her cutie mark. Because of her, many others did, too. A "Sonic Rainboom" is very similar to the point where an aircraft breaks the sound barrier, and creates a cone. The Sonic Rainboom, however, is achieved at speeds of Mach 10, and creates a rainbow that bursts outward across the sky. Quite "awesome", one would say. Rainbow Dash likes adventure, and action. Her inspiration is Spitfire. She isn't always active, but when she is, she outdoes the competition.

Lazy day.

- -

Her Friends

Rainbow Dash has many friends, but she only keeps a few close to her.

Fluttershy - Friends with Rainbow Dash since childhood.

Ditzy Doo - Also know as "Derpy". Friends since childhood.

Applejack - Supplies Rainbow Dash with ... Cider... And a good athlete, aswell.

Rarity - Designed Rainbow Dash's "Wonderbolt" jump-suit.

TaxConsumption - Gave her apples.


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