Tannisaria Jane in her daily attire.

Tannisaria Jane

Faction Mirina
Race Human
Profession Healing / Exploring
Vampire Not Specified
Married No
Religion Solarianism
The will of Sol will decide.


Age 22
Gender Female

Often frequenting the tavern.

My Story

Tannisaria Jane (or Elizabeth De La Carte, as her birth name would be) was born on the continent of Ceardia to parents Antonio De La Carte and Stephanise De La Carte (Robinson). At a young age, she demonstrated a great deal of interest in travelling, and had a love for books. This continued as she practiced and trained as a healer in the small village town of her birth. Her mother, Stephanise, had always encouraged her to follow her passions to travel, and had often told her "you will find the songs of your heart can only be heard through the steps you take towards the unknown."

Sometime within her adolescant years, her mother and father were tragically killed when pirates raided their vessel, The Joyous Maiden, on its way to deliver equipment to Ellador. The wounds were bitter for Tannisaria, who found no comfort in her relgious beliefs or her books she so desperately cradled. Eventually, she decided to venture on, and selling the family home and all of her posessions with it, took up a new life and a new name in the continent of Regalia. Her riches gone, her last memoir of the life she once lived is her wealthy clothing.

Now associating with the faction of Mirina, Tannisaria's fate is to explore the unknown. A frequenter at The Golden Willow Tavern, she continues to explore the rich libraries and flooded undercrofts the city has to offer. But, at what cost? Could it be that the dark secrets within her past are returning to the surface?


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