Hi my name is Sventen, and im gonna tell you my story on this server. I started play for a year ago then i was in search of a server. I wanted you join Travlers beacus all my friends was a member of that faction, but the leader, eololar, dident let me join so i built a little tree house just outside Travlers. A week later did eololar let me join, it turns out that he tried to start an empire but i diden't go well for him. When the new world Daendroc was discovered did he make a new faction called Merchants, I joined the faction and we built a camping site there we lived untill eololar wanted to make an empire, so he created the Zilkonaris empire and claimed a abandoned ranch, Zilk becomed a massive empire with many sub-factions, but i wanted to live in Merchants. Later eololar gived the faction to hes friend madus who still own the empire but have rebuild and rename it. After that eololar created a new faction called DwarfFort, he planned to build massive cave to live in, and i get the responsebility to lead the project of the cave building. I still working on the cave but i also working on a trading port with my friend kurtotto.

Ships at Port in Night

The ships at the tradeing port.

This is the ships at the trading port, the one with white sails is built by kurtotto and the other one is copied to here.

Well, i hoped you enjoyed my story and talk to me if you want to join DwarfFort, The Massive Dwarf Faction!

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