Stormblade has a large array of weaponry defending the faction from invaders. This page is to show you some of those defense mechanisms.

Zeus's Wrath

Stormblades - The Cannon Wall

Only half of Zeus's wrath, made by the members of Stormblade.

Zeus's Wrath is a large amount of cannons along the outer wall of Stormblade. It was made by all the members of Stormblade as a defense from invaders coming from the front. We use a vast amount of bullets in our cannons. It was named by extra_epic and is truly a great defense killing machine.

The Hydra

Stormblades - The Hydra

The Hydra, made by Watchdogeditor.

The Hydra was made and named by Watchdogeditor. It is basically, 6 cannons in one, able to fire 6 projectiles at once. It was named The Hydra after the Ancient Greek beast, The Hydra, which had multiple heads. It is a truly dangerous weapon and is only in its prototype state at the moment. It is able to fire glowstone to confuse and blind, obsidian to hurt, and gravel or sand to spread everywhere. It will be made on every wall in Stormblade, and is a very terrifying thing. 

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