Faction Unknown, Ithian ?
Race Ender
Profession MMRC Leader?
Vampire No
Married No
Religion None



Age 24
Gender Male

My Story

One night back when races were mostly unknown and there were barely any countries know by human, Spacemost was found unconsious in Silver Edges Sewers. So he found a guy know as Beerando leader of LuminI he let me in to his faction of decent size. He didnt remember much from his past so he didnt have much to live by. During his time he built some stuff, fought some battles and was a responible and high ranked officer of my faction.

I lived in an inn because of Small claimed area. It was fun but then one day... It happened the invasion... It was a success because this was before Expensive materials were common on the market so we had few iron tools therefore we lacked the cobble for a wall, and with the fact that gates werent inventer there was nothing to do about it. We lost and then i was knocked out next thing i know im in silver edge at one of the inns. (this is clearly now being told by me.) 

I decided to join the dracolords. We were attacked once but it was small and was neutral but one day my leader left. I asked and My leader PepDragon said he moved with ithian. So i moved too. Ithian may claim the land just so its less confusing but being with threedimensia my new leader was fun and life is good.

Distressfully I was knocked out my crap gone ummm welp its been a while...


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