Sourcupcakes and SamInsane18

Sourcupcakes with her boyfriend SamInsane18

Quick Info

Full name: Sour bite cupcakes

Full username: Sourcupcakes

Race: Vampire Shapeshifter

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Vampire: yes 

Profession: Exploration?

Religion: Unknown

Boyfriend: SamInsane18

How she appears..

Sourcupcakes is a friendly but shy vampire that tries to get along with everyone. Often trying to reason rather then fight but she seems a bit.. off..

How she really is.

Sourcupcakes is a strange creature who seems to almost be enderman like. She likes to be in darkness she seems to destroy torches and glowstone but strangely she doesn't touch jack o launterns. When you see her true form you can hear static louder and louder the closer she may get to you.. Her true form is that of a female enderman with dark brown hair. Yet she never opens her mouth.. She just silently stares with her large glowing eyes. She spreds silence wherever she may go unless you encounter her peaceful animal farm. She seems to keep animals as her main food though she does prefer to feed off the fear she may gain from her poor victums. 
Enderman kimmy

True form of Sourcupcakes..

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