Skinskin flowers

SkinSkin Flowers

The skinskin flower as it looks naturaly

The Skinskin flowers are a species of flower found in the southern parts of Termindul.

This flower is said to cure all sorts of sickness, but an overdose of it in any of these ways (either smelling, eating or drinking its jucies) will have a toxic effect and may cause amnesia on the victim.

The flowers have a blue-ish cyan glow around it, and its stalk is bright red with red thorns around it.

It's a very common flower in the Catmando clan area of Termindul and are often used by the Neko population there to make sweets and food as for example, the Gnumbel ball hard candy, Skinskin bread with salt and vinegar and the popular Sankushi beef and curry spicing.


Here follows a list of effects the SkinSkin flower have on both the environment around it and on creatures:

  • Its leaves are edible and non toxic, it gives the consumer a feeling of hype and strength, many Catmando priests use it as a cure for depression and its leaves are commonly used in food and herbal spices.
  • The center of the flower is also non toxic and when smelled makes the entity to swim better.
  • The SkinSkin flower's spores flys out from the flower in mid June and when landing on fertile soil makes every grass straw around it to grow further.

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