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"I am not perfect. no one is. The so called curse that makes me a vampire is not my curse. my curse Is the blood on my hands. not the blood in my mouth. my  curse are the lives I end. My curse will never end and neither will my suffering"-sicarious

Earily life

I was born an undead with -strangely- no parents. I was raised in an orphanage until six years old. my best friend who was the same age and lived in the orphanage with me was Soul listat. When I was six they kicked me out of the all human orphanage. I had time to pack my things and say good bye to my friend. We promised that at twenty-one we would meet again at the docks of regelia.

Life as an assassin 

At the age of eight I stumbled upon a merchant. he was selling swords and other special weapons. At the time my only defense was a small butterfly-knife. I couldn't pay for the weapons and I wanted them. I killed the merchant and stole the weapons. I decided that I could learn to fight and that I could kill. I trained for 3 years and at eleven I was an assassin for hire. In my lifetime of being an assassin I killed all kinds of people. merchants to nobles. their body's all fell to the floor by my hands..


In love with a target

At the age of sixteen I was cold and dark, I  had no remorse for killing anyone. I almost felt joy in dropping countless body's. One target-a Nobel's sixteen year old daughter Serine. I  spied on the Nobel waiting for him to show his daughter and when I saw her, I instantly fell in love. I followed her for some time until she saw me. She fell for me as I had for her and for a time we were happy. unfortunately my employer was not. He made the mistake of paying me before the job was done. He said if I did not end her life he'd end mine. It was my life or hers. I knew he was not bluffing. I knew he could end me with a snap of his figures. The last night we spent together we were dancing on the balcony to her bedroom. I took out my knife- the same butterfly knife that aided me in my first kill- and I drove it into her back as I whispered into her ear that I loved her. She died in my arms.

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