Shayin, the Elven Hero of Lothar, came to Regailia early in the morning of a cold winter. He had been sailing on a ship for days, and could not fathom the excitement and adventure he would soon become a part of...

Before Regailia

Shayin grew up in a small village in the northern jungles of Daendroc. Daendric was good for him, as he learned the basics of many skills, but it was not enough. Travellers came through the village, telling the Elven children of great lands, of white dust that falls from the sky, of stone villages and massive landmarks. Shayin promised himself he would go there one day. A prominant traveller was a human named Skippy. Skippy was a food vendor and Shayin loved the produce he brought. When Shayin turned of age, Skippy gave Shayin a note he was to read when he reached the shore . Shayin walked for days, through the harsh jungles of Daendroc, until he came to a small docktown. He boarded the ship and left for Ithania.

Mecharic and Hisoka

Shayin excitedly opened the note aboard the ship in his cabin. Confused, he thought perhaps he had lost part of it, or his english skills were failing him. He found a translator and yet the single word on his note eluded him. Mecharic. A sailor overheard, and whispered the many tales and legends of the Great and Mighty Monk, Mecharic. He was said to be immortal, and could weild armor not many others could. Shayin realized that he must find this Mecharic. 

While sleeping in his cabin, he felt a large lurch. The ship was rocking more than before. Shayin jumped up and ran to the top deck, where he was greeted with a terrible storm. Shayin sought refuge in the lower decks of the boat, and was knocked unconcious by a mast that fell through the deck. 

When Shayin woke up, he was in a murky swamp. He walked for days, until he came to a wall. The wall was not very high, and was in poor condition. He scaled it with ease and entered a town. He walked along the streets and came to a pub. "The Swamp Barrel" was a pub in good shape, and the lights were on. He stepped inside, to be welcome by Dwarves and Humans drinking away. Behind the counter was a man he hadn't seen for two years since he left his village. Skippy waved and offered him some Elven bread, a favorite of Shayin's. Skippy brought Shayin to Castle Mirk, explaining that he was in the capital of the swamp country of Mirk. Brought in front of Mecharic, Shayin was accepted into the faction of Hisoka. His adventure had only begun.

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