Serge Peppers

Faction Stabil Dorf
Race Dwarven Born
Profession Miner
Vampire Died a vampire
Married No
Religion Chetism
Divinity: Chet


New Stabil Dorf, Ithania
Age Died at 85
Gender Male

Serges Life

The only stories of Serge were kept in a journal that Serge had written in third person that his only child from a mysterious belly warmer found later in what is now the Deku Tree where Stabil Dorf once stood. He has decided to share them with Aloria in order to find a more in depth look at his fathers life.

Entry #1 Serge Peppers heir to the destroyed cavern of Stabil Dorf

The once noble southern Elledoren dwarf has had a difficult life. His beginning was in the colony of dwarves that carved a cavern into their mountain top and lived peacefully for 100 years. Their cavern was gilded in Elledoren gold and their troops outfitted in the hardest of all diamond. On the day Serge was born the miners found a diamond axe etched with germanic scribing and gilded with gold. It was gifted to Serge as a token from Chet. His father the king of Stabil Dorf bestowed the axe upon him and said "One day you will wield this axe for your colony and defend your children from whatever be troubling"

4 years after a band of Argonians displaced from their home lands in Ceardia docked on the coasts near Stabil Dorf and invaded their cavern. The Argonians made haste in killing and destroying everything. Serge was the only dwarf spared because the General could not have a son, the patriarch bestowed Serge upon him. Serges birth axe was incinerated along with the whole cavern of Stabil Dorf.

Entry #2 Serges Argonian Nobility

Serge was far too young to know anything that was going on. He barely spoke the germanic tounge of former Stabil Dorf when he was given to the Argonian general. He grew up as an Argonian, learned their language and culture. His new family lived in Upper Loraedon with all the other nobility of Argonia. He was still young when his father had to leave to fight the great war against Osai unfortunately his father never made it into the war he was shot by a young red haired archer while riding into the first battle and died soon after. Serge never new about his death until his 16th year when his mother was on her deathbed she told him that he had no where to go and that his father was dead. He soon made quick work of taking over his families mining buisness and maintaining his nobility. It was futile though Serge grew furious of the governments pro military stances and began refusing to fulfill government contracts. Eventually he was gone, he would leave everything behind except 30 silver and take the first ship he could to Silver Edge.

Entry #3 Serge becoming and adult


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