View from mainland on satisFaction tower

satisFaction is a faction of thieves, murderers, black mages, assassins, and all sorts of ruthless folk. As mean and vicious characters exist in every race, all races are accepted to the faction. Vampires, although creatures of the night, are not accepted in the faction - although there are rumours that some members went against this rule...

We don't think highly of truces or alliances, although if it furthers our cause, we might consider them.

Over all, we try to satisfy our hunger for gold and diamonds and the happiness we get from harming others.


Howbeit we are a faction of lowlifes and scumbags, we have a keen eye for beautiful and shiny things, which is why we occupied the Ithanian tower we call our home. Various improvements to the architecture have been made since that time and by now, it's a fearful fortress. For means of seclusion and security our mages have practiced black magic to call forth a vast forest that surrounds our hideout from the land. Afterwards they cut through the earth, splitting that forest from the rest of the country.

But as our wealth is growing constantly, only few of our members are happy to stay on the little island we call home. They keep pushing further onto the land and there are plans to create a harbour to raid the seas as well. By then, a small city that houses various means of shady buisnesses, such as gambling, smuggeling or banking, is sure to grow as well.

Current Events

After having thoughtlessly killed another's faction member, Hablitzl, Mick and Clemi are preparing for retribution from the faction Draveral.

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