Military History of SPQR is extensive, and thus on the home page. This is a list of all of the ranks and positions in the military including a description and what it entails.



The Legionnaires are the back bone of the military. They ability to adapt to any combat situation crowns them rome's finest. They are the majority of army and can help with mining, construction work or just regular soldiering. The help to escort diplomats over to other factions and serve as extra protection for the senate.Most of the time, however, they are away on expeditions to foreign lands or on long range reconnaissance missions. These 'recon' campaigns allow the senate to extend their influence 
SPQR - Preatorian Guard

Preatorian Guard.

to new territory - creating alliances.


The Praetorian is and elite group of guards devised to protect the senate and keep the peace on the streets of rome. They are admired by all Legionnaires and the civilian population due to their regal purple and plumed helmets. They are very helpful and would be delighted to help you being trained in the art of speech and not just combat.


SPQR - Centurion

A Centurion.

The only officer achievable without senate voting, this rank is achieved by being a trusted member of the faction for long enough, going through all forms of  advanced training and proving to us your commanding skills in the field. Duties will consist of comanding infantry in field combat, basic training, and a small sum of paperwork to so with recruitment and battle records, other duties and abilities may be made use of.

There will be multiple Centurions, infantry units, guard units delivery units.


SPQR - Legate

Legate Chapston.

The Legate is the Commander of all infantry and otherwise units answering only to the Consul of Rome. This position must be aspired to as the current claimer of this position, Chapston, is unlikely to give it up in a hurry. A miniture election will be held when the position is free. The notorious exploits of Chapston date back to the early Byzanthium era - founding the 1st augustus legion with CPTCarter. He proved himself in battle during numerous defences and during the byzanthium war defending the civilian population from vampire attacks. 

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