A "How to role-play" guide

As MassiveCraft is a role-playing Minecraft server, it is essential to know what the term means. To role-play means to act out a part of a fictional character. So in order to properly role-play, one must know more about his/her's character.


Put together an appropriate medieval-styled Minecraft skin. This will take care of your character's physical aspect. Your Minecraft skin is not only the first thing your peers will notice, but also what they will remember you by. It is all the more important to build the right skin. A few members of our community offer making these, click this link below and get to the accurate forum thread.

Link: Skin request thread

Andy was born in midieval Woodbury. She's a servant girl. She's learned many things. Such as how to read. She loves to ride a horse, read, and make new friends.


Find anyone to RP with. Don't use global chat, as global is somewhat non-RP. That brings up a question: where are the meeting points for role-players? A few are found randomly around the world, but most are in factions. If you want to RP, maybe ask someone on the wiki ;) There are role-players around, trust us.

A faction is a great meeting-point for RP. Decide on what you'd like to act, and choose an appropriate faction based on your characteristics.

If you are an elf, maybe find an elven faction. Are you a human blacksmith with dragonblood? Maybe join a dragon-believers faction. There are some RP factions around, just ask.


Act. It's very simple. ACT!

No one can teach you about how to act right. There is no right and wrong. Act as if you were this person. Forget yourself for the few RP minutes a Minecraft day is and fully become the role that you have.

Turn off global and allied chat (/ch leave g , /ch leave a ) and only chat in speak or yell. Don't forget you are talking to a person, so maybe it's not too pleasant yelling at him or her if (s)he's nearby. Use private chat for the non-RP parts, as there may be some things that shouldn't be discussed in RP. When RP'ing, it is best to use proper grammar, if you can. Doing otherwise can break the flow of the conversation.

If two RP's are good, more people will join. Once the RP is started, it can't be turned off instantly. Anything can grow out from an RP: friendship, hate, alliances, trade-relations, etc.


Have Fun!

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