Revelation has had key influence over the middle parts of Daendroc, they have cleared out the mushrrom biomes of "The Mushroom people" and have paved the way for peaceful modern factions. They are close friends with Malaya and has seeked to become allies with the faction Byzanthium (before discovering there is only 1 person left. Towards the end of 2012, the influence of The Revelation military has decreased due to lack of player involvment. That activity has gone up. As of early 2013, Revelation military has returned to its former strength and is a thriving faction in the north of Ithania. The Revelation military has faced factions with more than 10 premium members and has still been able to carry out fast and swift attacks because of the small and extremely skilled power of the members involved. With a strong number of 15 people and climbing, the leader of Revelation vows to make the faction a major economic power in Northern Ithania.

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