The nation of Renascentia contains many buildings.

Major Buildings (The historical and the new)

  • The Shack
    Parlianment and Benjamin

    Little Benjamin and Parliament House.

    • First building ever made.
    • Housed all citizens until the creation of the old town hall.
    • Built by James_Ed.
    • Demolished and replaced with town hall in second era.
  • The Town Hall
    • The expansion point of the town.
    • Built by James_Ed.
    • Demolished in for the great tavern of the second era.
  • Fort Vorsword
    • Built by Potatoking111 and Tingster360.
    • Rebuilt in Second Era by Calebjosh and Tingster360.
    • Fortified by Tingster360, lazy_man and Aussie_J.
  • Parliament House
  • Renascentian Library
    • Built by Potatoking111 and Major_Thom

Structures and Memorials

  • Statue of Aureum the God of War.
    XDataFluffyx's Grave

    The grave of xDatFluffyx, a friendly enemy of Renascentia.

    • Built by Potatoking111 and Tingster360.
  • Little Benjamin bell clock tower.
    • Built by Potatoking111 and Tingster360.
  • Underwater grave of xDatFluffyx.
    • Built by James_Ed.


  • Underground Plant Farm
    • Built by lazy_man and Tingster360.
  • Animal Farm
    • Built by lazy_man.
  • Horse Stable
    • Built by lazy_man.
  • Nether Wart Farm
    • Built by Major_Thom and Tingster360.

Residential Buildings

  • Houses

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