Remus Arena

The Remus is an arena for this server. This Arena is built by a single man, gnarrf, in the style of the faction 9thLegion. We are proud to present you this piece of awesomeness and we hope that we can get the elders to make it an official arena.


The Romulus arena

Generall infos:

The arena is built by gnarrf (9thLegion), with supplies from his faction, on a little promontory at Daendroc. There is an exact replicate of this arena in the Mingame universe reachable by using /warp mg.

Dynamic-map link$

The warzone is 9 chunks big, the biggest arena which is currently built. It's good for all kinds of warriors and has enough space for a faction vs faction fight. There are a few traps and other hidden secrets which can be found in the arena.

The spectators place is a big as the arena. It has a great number of free space to watch the fights.

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