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Rapture Shop - Enchanted Weapons, Armor, & Tools
Difficulty ** Moderate
Location x,y,z: 1560, 64 -2290
Start Date: January 2012
Completion Date: February 2012
Architect: Samurai Jack



Goal is to create an atmosphere of magic. Shop to sell enchanted weapons, armor, and tools. To be located at mouth of the river. Consider raising land area if necessary. Looking for a unique building style. Suggested building materials: smoothstone, stone slab, brick, glowstone, bookshelves, netherrack and fire, enchantment tables, wood, logs, leaves, etc. Shop should have a main floor and at least one basement floor for additional shop chests. Possible connection to sewers is encouraged.

Resource Allocation

Resource Request Resource Offer



Survey area and raise if necessary.

Build Enchantment shop to have unique look.

Stock the shop with enchanted weapons, armor, and tools. Also possibly provide shop chest to buy damaged gear at a reduced rate.


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