The Maelstrom Flag

About Enlistment

The path to becoming a member of Rapture begins at Camp Bloodshore. While in Silver Edge City, prepare yourself for the long and dangerous journey across Ceardia. Your goal is to reach the sands of Camp Bloodshore and gain entry into the 2nd Squadron of the Rapturian Armada. Make haste and set sail at once. Good luck on your adventure!


  • Visit the Members Section of this wiki and create a character profile.
  • This is a medieval fantasy roleplaying minecraft server. Are you using a medieval fantasy skin?
  • It is recommended to use the MassiveCraft texture pack.
  • It is recommended to use Spoutcraft.
  • Use the Map to navigate to Camp Bloodshore (-4730, -3080).
  • Request an invite to Camp Bloodshore in a private message (type p.samurai_jacked:) or using in-game mail system (type /mail send samurai_jacked).