Death Screen

You were slain by Dimond Sword.

Many players on Massivecraft are excellent PvPers, if you know of any to avoid fighting, please, put it here.

elldave16, how does he do it? Some say he has never been beaten. He is also a lad.

sototallyace. YOU WILL DIE and he will kill you.

KidDucky. Will break your diamond armor and watch you cry over your lost pixels with his axe in hand.

Gripton. You don't have a chance. Or armor.

iPlayforKeeps. Unarms you, then rapes you. Beware.

_Space_Junk_. Will just stand there and take it. And then eat your liver.

Bsavs. Facing him, instant death.

DisturbedReaper. Master of the Bow.

Cayorion. Will spawn a giant. On your face.

Getreidepop. Unarmed master of death. He buys your brains and eats them.

Kapry. Buys your brains, feeds them to his brother Getreidepop. Master of axes. Armor simply crumbles.

If you are a vampire: People with sticks.

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