<< Blood is stronger than water... Pure blood is even stronger.>>

- Origins

Amestrian Purebloods are a race of gifted beings native to the unknown continent of Amestria. The ancestors of the Purebloods were born from human parents during ancient times. These children were gifted, including increased strength, beauty, and blood that could cure the ill. As these children grew up they wanted to know if there were more beings like them out there, so they explored ancient Amestria, eventually leading to the organization of their race.

- Minions

When a Pureblood bites a human, the human will become a vampire, a slave to their Pureblood master. Some of the Purebloods created vast armies of servents, they intended to enslave the human race by turning them into vampires.They were superior to humans, so the battle was almost won, however a Pureblood named Mary sacrificed her soul to enchant a forge so that the humans could craft special weapons. These weapons were deadly to vampires, preventing wounds from healing and causing extreme damage. This turned the tides allowing the humans to fight back.

- Bloodline

The Purebloods of Amestria are descended from various bloodlines, an example is the Kuran bloodine. Many Purebloods married humans or lesser vampires resulting in branch bloodlines. The vampires born from these branches are commonly known as the Noble Vampires.

- Racial Info

Purebloods do not burn in the sun as opposed to vampires inflicted with the infectious disease, however the sun is irritable to the skin and eyes. The blood of a Pureblood is able to cure ill people, along with extending a human's lifespan considerably. Their blood will also empower lesser vampires, making them prey to both humans and lesser vampires. There are only a select few of this race alive today, so in Amestria the high vampire council has prohibited killing Purebloods.

The Purebloods are many times faster and stronger then a human, they also can possess unique abilities related to elements. They have the ability to force lesser vampires to do their bidding. Purebloods mainly drink blood, however they are also able to survive eating regular food, even though this will keep them in a weakened state. Like all the vampires of Amestria, Purebloods have an uncontrollable insinct for blood, however they have more control over their instincts then lesser vampires.

- Present

Today you may find Amestrian Purebloods living in Ceardia , Daendroc , and Ellador This migration started recently, when Amestria began sending ships into the unknown. Pureblood Vampires infected by the disease are susceptible to the disease's effects.

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