Protarism was founded in modern times by the leader of the faction Protaras. Cannith135 recieved a message from God, telling him if people want better success and futures, then they must follow 5 simple guides

God did not tell cannith what the meaning of life was, but said he was not done communicating with the people. What he did leave was 5 guides to better fate in daily life.

  1. Respect- of other races, religions, factions, people, nature, leaders, and God. You must first respect, if you do so, it will be returned and thus peace, trust, friendship, and happiness will follow you wherever you go.
  2. Faith and Hope- Hope that whatever tough times you are facing, there is a reason for this, and if you remain strong in your faith and do not faulter, you will look strong and learn from your expiriences to apply what you learn in the future.
  3. Charity- Giving help and assistance to your fellow people and faction goes a long way, and will be returned not only by others, but in good fate, from God.
  4. Peace- Peace is the highest way of living, and never shall you attack other people. Violence is never the answer, the only war acceptible by God's people is the defense of the fellow allies, factions, and the weak and defenseless. This will make friends that will be there for you when you need help.
  5. Responsibility- Be responsible for yourself, do not try to tell people what to do, but if they tell you what to do, listen with open minds to what they are saying. If you worry about what needs to get done, your life will have purpose and have order, allowing you to remain relaxed and strong in faith.

God is with us always and he does not expect everyone to follow these perfectly or even at all, but he ensures us that whoever does follow these guides will be in good standing in his eyes and the eyes of his peers. He also says that do not expect perfect fate, because like he said in the second guide, remaining faithful through tough times brings you closer to him and stronger in life and the only way to achieve that is through tough times and challenges.

If you hear God speak to you, please share your comments below so we can all see how God is communicating to us. This is a friendly place and all opinions are welcomed and accepted, stay classy though and RESPECT others.

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