== Protaras News ==

Please Note this page may display inaccurate information due 
to lack of knowlegde of past events. That means this page's info may only be 
accurate by the date it was edited.

Date last Edited:


Recent Kicks, Autokicks And Members That Left:

Recent Invited Players:

Important Info:

We need lots of recruiting due too the fact that if we dont have enough players all our land gets unclaimed. This is our first priority at the moment and must be done.

Recent builds:

Recent promotions:


Recent Greifs and the Greifers:

Proskit: portals broken, doors and furnaces left locked, church alters, many other small and large greif areas and the castle.

mitchellbros: cannith what did he do?

luis(something): made a mine RIGHT NEXT TO THE ONE ALREADY THERE!!

SMB_123: just being thick skulled (she might be back though)


...For officers:

no land claiming, much much much much much more recruiting.

...For players:

Activeness and a good healthy atitude.

...For certain people:

Paradoxlanomaly: Recruiting, Money makeing idea (its a secret), server contribution (also secret), a faction symbol, fixing chicken farm and miar (i think thats worng spelling) paths.

Cannith135: Recruiting recruiting recruiting.

Members: If you have a build idea that will improve our faction, list it in the topic area below.

Things that are wanted to be added:

officer board room, capital building, traps, symbol

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