Prospera (Discontinued)

Prospera is a part of a shop island in the South of Daendroc.. You can reach prospera by taking the ship with the light blue sail in the port of SilverEdge.

Prospera however no longer exists. It was removed when Ceardia began a truce with Regalia. This meant that any marketplaces in prospera had to be moved to a Regalia


You can get a view of Prospera via Dynmap by clicking here.


The shopping disctrict (Shops) includes 55 shops, where you can buy and sell at the chest shops.

Getting a shop

You have to contact a member of the team to get information, if a shop is currently free. Otherwise if no shop is for sale, then you have to wait until someone sells his plot via the trade chat. Alternitavely, you could buy a shop in Regalia.

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