Olympus was founded by Madman1011 as a branch faction of RisingSun. At the time, it was called RSOlympus to show its alligence to the RisingSunEmpire.

Eventually Madman changed the name to just Olympus. Although the name didn't say it, the description did, meaning Olympus was still part of the RisingSunEmpire but it wasn't considered a branch faction anymore.

Madman created the faction because of disagreements with the leadership of RisingSun. He wanted to run the faction differently so he made his own. Madman belived that Happybob123 was being biased towards him, and refused to take any action when attacks were made against the faction and Madman himself.

At first the leader of RisingSun, happybob123, didn't approve of Madman's bold decision,but a friend of Madman's allied Olympus in the end. Later on, CaptainGloom was killed by happybob123, who at the time worked in Essentia. This caused Gloom to have a heavy loathing for Essentia.

Olympus has been raided many times, and has participated in other raids. The main Lieutenant, CaptainGloom, has rebuilt, reformed, and remade the faction in several different lights, including their Victorian spawn shop and huge Cathedral in Olympus Proper. Gloom, member since the faction was called RSOlympus, lives in a huge tower in one of the districts of the city. Gloom is a renowned Architect, whose work can be seen on the FyreUK forums.

Despite odd ties, severed ties, and enemies, Olympus has remained one of the oldest Factions in Massivecraft. Although some members are older then the faction itself, they have migrated to other factions or fell into financial ruin.

Despite the name, Olympus has no Greek-style buildings at all. The only comment made by Gloom on this was that "The stone is too expensive to acquire, and I dislike Greek homes anyway." As such, the buildings found in Olympus are usually made from cobblestone, stone brick, oak, and pine. Huge walls encircle the city, with Gloom's tower looming over everything. Although Madman1011 is the official leader, Gloom usually maintains everything else, including faction funds and housing.

Following the discovery of Ellador, Olympus has withdrawn from its  Ceardia stronghold and has moved into a valley in Ellador. The factioin is now building everything over and is recruiting new members to keep the faction strong.

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