Potatoking111 skin

Olof Palme (Potatoking111)

Olof Palme

Faction Renascentia Wolfclaw
Race Human
Profession Kingdom Global Bureaucracy Chairman
Vampire No
Married No
Religion None
Divinity: None


Brisbane, Australia
Age 15
Gender Male
The KGB Insignia1

The Insignia of the Kingdom Global Bureaucracy

My Story

Growing up in Regalia is harder then one thinks. Many who call this place home are not homeless, starving beggars. But that was what i was. As everyone did, once the ships came back telling stories about a far away continent, full of riches and rewards, I couldn't believe myself. I should go out and make a name for myself. So I packed up my belongings (mostly half broken leather armour and sticks) I set out. But, as it always is, it never is as good as they say. Upon arriving, I was mugged, several times, and once beat up because I didn't have anything worth stealing. I met two men by chance, James and Matthys. They too came here seeking riches and reward. So we set out to find a home. and find one we did. A fertile valley surrounded by mountains, we decided to call this place Renascentia, translating into rebirth, a fitting name.

But times were tough. Raids by supirior forces were many and quick, with the manslaughter of our fellow citizens almost like a game to them. But we were strong, and soon new people joined us. With Matthys and James called kings, i was delcared the Commander in Cheif of the Armed Forces, a role i held on to for many years. But, i soon began to believe that the government was skipping duties. I took it upon myself to end the reign of James and the new King, Josh, just as I had instigated the revolution that wiped out Matthys.. After being appointed pope, a few citizens began to follow me. But after two leading members became spy for the government, releasing sensitive information to James, Josh and loyal citizens, the group dispersed, leaving me charged for treason. A sentence was handed down. I would lose my status as noble born. I would never again be pope. I would have to serve the community like a commoner, and worst of all, I spent some time in jail. After a few years in jail, i realised my mistakes. i would never again fight against the government. The best government. The True government. Our Government. So i created a small government agency, the Kingdom Global Bureaucracy, which is charged with the safety of the kings, the president and the country.

This is my story. But it is a story that forever changes. Who know what the future holds?


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