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"Monastic Order"

FBox Founder massivecraftFounderLeaf
FBox Leader massivecraftLeaderFire

FBox BuildingStyle massivecraftBuilding StyleAncient (Stone Brick)
FBox Location massivecraftLocationDaendroc
FBox Races massivecraftRacesAll
FBox Maxpower massivecraftMaxpower270
FBox Members massivecraftMembersDhulst, Fire, Gael Arbre


An Avaji monastic order hidden away in Daendroc, Okuz accepts all looking for a peacful life, in harmony with the natural world. Led by none other than the "Mad Monk" LeafMC. Okuz accepts all races. Okuz's main exports are agricultural products, mainly eggs, wheat, carrots, and wool. Okuz also makes extensive use of cobblestone generators to efficiently produce stone products. The faction is subdivided into 3 parts, The Avaji Brotherhood, The Avaji Templars, and The Avaji Missionaries. All members must swear an oath of peace before becoming a full member of the faction.

If you wish to join us, I'd advise you to cast away your hatred, but keep your tongue sharp. Though we are peaceful, we must not be naive and assume that all will treat us with the respect we give them. -High Priest LeafMC

The Three Sects


The Brotherhood

The Avaji Brotherhood is the main workforce of the Monastery, the brothers work together to keep the faction running, tending to the farms, and building new structures. The Brothers are scholars, engineers, merchants and poets, cataloguing knowledge in the Okuz library. Though the Brothers are generally peaceful, many are skilled unarmed combatants, and won't hesitate to speak with threir fists if their words should fail them.

High Priest:

Fire (Human)

High Priest's Advisor:

Dhulst The Scavenger (Cora-Vespid)


The Templars

The Templars are comparable to a military, though they are not a standard army. The Templars only fight defensively, protecting Okuz and it's Allies. Before one can become a full member of the Templar order, they must complete certain requirements. Hard work and dedication are needed to pursue this path. Use of Axes is discouraged by High Priest Leaf, he encourages the use of swords, bows, or fists instead (it should be noted that an exception to this rule is made for dwarves, or other races that are most skilled at axe combat). In addition to being powerful warriors, Templars are expected to be skilled diplomats. A Templar should be able to diffuse a situation peacefully with words, saving violence as a last resort. Not all Templars started out in the Brotherhood.  Some serve Okuz but do not share in it's beliefs.

Templar Priests:
Hal (Undead)

Tressk (Naga)

Templar Monks:

Brother Anthony (Human)

Templar Rangers:
Gael Arbre (Elf)

Templar Knights:

The Missionaries


The Missionary branch of Okuz is still under development.

The Monasteries of Okuz

Each monastery is named after one of the patron saints of Okuz. 

St. Stylvia

Located in Daendroc. This is the primary monastery of Okuz. It is home to the High Priest. Below are some of it's features.

  • The Great Oak of St. Stylvia
  • Templar Tower

St. Dronur

Located in Ithania.  This is where many of the Templars of Okuz are trained.

St. Therand

Located in Ellador.

St. Baedois

Located in Kelmoria.  This is the location of the Academy of Okuz.


 *While exploring the land of Ellador and trying to spread good will, I found myself in the city of Argonia. The commoners there were very kind to me, offering to show me around the beautiful place, but all but one of the fellows in armor were able to restrain themselves from attacking me. I could not harm them, and I carried only an Iron sword for defense in the wilderness, but they attacked me all the same. I advise who everyone to be careful of these bloodthirsty brutes, (who, much to my dismay, have made themselves enemies of our Monastery). I pray that we both can forget this incident, and proceed peacefully towards a brighter future. - Leaf

  • Okuz is recruiting! Looking for a peaceful life in a natural setting? Look no further.


Here are some Monk skins for those of you who need one. These are edited versions of some of Moondrop's work, you can find the originals here:


Okuz Monk (black)


Okuz Monk (Brown)


Okuz Monk (Purple)


Okuz Monk (White)

Desmond Diseos
Desmond Diseos Grey

Grey Sleeves

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