2013-05-21 00.31.13

OTAKU_JOSE by the harbor. :)

My Story

Jose is a man with amnesia and constantly blacks out. He is a foreigner to the realms that he will travel through. Though he does not remember his past, he will grab hold of the hot iron of his fate and forge a new destiny.

Adventure Log

1st Day: Jose wakes on a floating staircase that leads to a portal. He walks into the portal and spawns in a room called "Multiverse Hub." Jose reads the signs left by someone and they recommend that he goes through the Info portals. Jose enter the info portal and learns more about this mysterious world. Jose then makes his way to the harbor to start his journey. Along the way he meets and chats with a man with a named that started with pmc. The 'pmc' person gave Jose 3 breads before he went off somewhere. As Jose looks at the board with ship names he blacks out...


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