Nordeburg was a trading company established in 2012 to represent Lukkerdam in Deandroc. Fashioned from Venetia which when talking to tacorebel, decided to make way for the new Nordeburg* Trading Company. It was founded by NordLord1 when he found the task of making his own city in a Venetian style too demanding, he decided to change the building style to a Nordic* transformation. Being a more Northern Germanic* style. We have a deck and our city hall, then it leads to the Residential district.


We now changed our tag to EastWorth, and we are now modeled in a british standard, we still are a trading company... So Thank you very much for being patient. We are still part of Lukkerdam... So thank you. We are no longer trying to be so Nord and will have a somewhat British style. As a British trading company we support wealth.*= Outdated Info


Donators will be listed here: rocketfuel501, AlexAcott....

We are still accepting donators! Donation benifits: Be posted here and get a deluxe spot at EastWorth! (Join immediately no hassle!) We accept silver and rare items.


We deeply hope that one of the elders may grant us our wish to be a peaceful faction as we are basically a sub-trading company of Deandroc. We will have an embassy in SilverEdge that we hope will be a huge ship. We will become a major trading company in Deandroc, although small, we have very strong hopes to become a huge and successful industrial force in Deandroc as we have been waiting to have an oppurtunity such as this. We are allied to 13 different factions, one of them being a smaller Spanish trading company we established in Ceardia.


We have several portals to different factions and we have portal to a tiny Nether colony which we plan to have a netherwart farm there. Nordeburg will be a successful trading company but first we are looking to recruit Merchants and good builders to help Nordeburg, please in-game mail NordLord1, RausC, or TheDirtySwine with your best mcmmo skill and mc experience to join. NOTE: We are only accpeting those who were previously in a faction.

Thanks, NordLord1

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