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PettyTheft (wilshire12) attacked this morning (6/5/12 12:00 CDT) shortly after noticing we were not yet on their long list of enemy factions. One of their officers broke into the castle (presumably via a cobble tower in the wilderness outside the walls) and killed me while I was unarmored. This may be a one-time, we-have-now-declared-war-on-everyone sort of attack, but be prepared in case they come back. Try to avoid carrying large quantities of valubles and be alert for intruders.

Ship Construction Begins

Faenrim - Ship
Soon Faenrim will have a new ship that will allow easy travel all over the northern sea of Daendroc. A name is still needed for the ship, so any who wish may propose a suggestion.

New Member

Chappers65 has joined the faction. He is a powerful dwarf mage and seeks to join the council of elders. Our council has begun to grow! :)

Edit: For whateve reason, Chappers has left us and joined the Dovahkiin faction. I have not yet been able to determine his reason for leaving.

Altar of Light

Altar of Light

You meditate and feel at peace... ...You feel as one with the light.

While practicing his swordsmanship at one of the PVP arenas, Southwind again encountered the strange disease that hidiously transformed him several years before. This time he was prepared. He applied his learning of good magic to create a monument to the light, an altar whose power easily purged that sickness that nearly corrupted him before. Now the Radiant Ones truly have nothing to fear from the night!

Faenrim has a Wiki Page

Southwind has created the faction wiki page. Now we need all our members to help populate it with awesome stuff and update it when needed.

Tower Construction Begins

After discussing design ideas with Justin and experimenting in sp, Southwind has begun construction on the council tower. It still needs an elvish name, but it is already nearly as large as the citadel itself.

Citadel Complete

The citadel of Ost Faenrim is structurally finished. There are about 10 apartments and room for a town center in the courtyard. There is still much work to be done in decorating and putting on the finishing touches.

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