Faction None
Race Human
Profession Unemployed - Street Rat
Vampire No
Married No


Age 15
Gender Female
File:2011-12-26 12.26.00.png

My Story

I used to live a normal and happy life without a care in the world. That is, until the day a group of bandits came to our small farmhouse, slaughtered my parents, and stole all of our valuables. I lived to tell the tale due to the fact that I hid down in our old cellar. I'm still traumatized from the incident and it's been hard to recover. Since then I've wandered the streets looking for work and a way to put food in my stomach. It's been rough due to the fact that some people tend to rob me of my labor without pay. I'm still just a duckling so most of the ol' men I work for think they can take advantage of me. So I do what I must to get food and make money. Whether that be begging, stealing, or scouting. I may be just another street rat but one day I will make something of myself and I will show everyone what I have to offer!


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