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Mya Suna

Basic Characteristics

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Red (Ginger)

Age: 16 years

Eye Color: Blue

Faction: FlameFlower

Relationship Status: Married (Gartono)

Profession: Escaping, Farming, and Scribe (Writing)

Vampire: No

Religion: Light Location: Around Regalia

Life Story

Mya Suna grew up in a small elf village far from Regalia. She was the odd one out in her village because she had red hair. When she turned 15 she packed up here more precious belongings and left, leaving a note for her parents. Afterward she traveled with strange people trying to find a place to fit in. When she found Regalia she felt it was right. Now she wanders the streets of the city and explores the wilds of Ellador. She is now 16, and still travels where ever she wants.

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