The flag of Motherland Designed By Slimchips and LeafMC

"Notch save the King!"

Founded in the last year of Notch by King PaineReign, Motherland is a Faction of Nation Builders. Motherland is easily recognised by it's uniqu

The King himself!

e mix of architectural styles, due mainly to the skills architect ADHDhazard and "SpectralFish" Muchachas. Although not part of Serenum, Motherland is a friend of the empire. Motherland has 4 subfactions, Tauron, Motherlord, Kazmodan, and Okuz.


The official recruitment center of Motherland, led by the Lord of Tauron, Muchachas. Those wishing to join Motherland may do so by first proving themselves here. However, Motherland is less trusting of Tauron recruits after an attack on Motherland by Tauron member Trollrial.


The developing military branch of Motherland. Motherlord is led by Director Slimchips (formerly the Motherland Admistrator of Travel). The Faction will eventually be divided into as many as 50 unique branches, each with a unique tactical role, the specifics of which are a closely guarded secret. Motherlord was shut down do to the lack of recruitment and greifers. And change the faction name. more about this faction will be posted soon.


see main article here

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