Standing in my house

Chilling in my house

The Tale of Maximus Rufuain

Early Life

As a young child Maximus was raised in a town mostly populated by humans. His father was a guard and his mother was a baker. His father taught him many things to fear and to avoid. Vampires was one of those things. Instead of an average child, Max was intrigued and wanted to learn more. He read many books on vampires and what they were capable of. Max's happy childhood soon ended however. His father was killed in a crossfire between Crimsons and Vampires. This devastated Max and led him to believe the Crimsons were his one true enemy. His mom did not agree at first but she soon let him go, with a hug, Max never saw his mother again. In Max's teens he went to change to what he had longed for. Through a series of blood drinking Max went through the pain, died , and was reborn as a vampire. Without anything Max spent time stealing money from Crimsons to buy livestock from which he would feast upon. One night Max was just carrying on with his normal meal when he was caught by a Crimson. This was the first time he ever had to fight someone with his vampiric powers. Slashed by a sword, he charged and bit the Crimson on the neck. But Max didn't stop there, he continued to drink the Crimson's blood till he layed limp on the ground. Max had discovered a bloodlust that would follow him forever. He joined many vampires and helped them deafeat the Crimsons or so he thought.

Maximus Today

Maximus now resides in a rebellious faction who oppose Algaron and of course, the Crimsons. He has met many new friends in his faction and really likes the feeling of finally having a true family. His bloodlust remains but he may need it for the Crimson, has returned... 

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