Mathisport is a thriving riverside town in Ellador. It is ruled over by King kungfuu_pacman and has a nice active community. Ranking up is done through through guilds which allow members to help Mathisport prosper.


Kungfuu_Pacman grew up in a distant land where the common peasants were treated poorly, there lives doomed to be short and wearisome. He dreamed of a land of oppertunity where anybody could rise up due to there talents. So one night he snuck out of the land pretending to be a seafarring merchant. The ship was caught in a storm at sea and turned to kindling, yet somehow he survived, washing up on a strage island. On this island he craeted Mathsport a land where any person can rise to greatness.


The current guilds are:

The Builders Guild

The Merchants Guild


To join message kungfuu_pacman or a recruiter requesting an invite. Current recruiters; cjwilson.

Once you have joined you will be given a plot of land to build a house on.

After you are set up join some guilds and have fun.


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